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Add a couple parser related entries.

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......@@ -78,6 +78,46 @@ ricci 2003/06/26 13:13:16 MDT
the original score. The usefulness of this feature in debugging
scoring problems cannot be understated...
stoller 2003/06/30 11:33:58 MDT
Modified files:
. configure
tbsetup/ns2ir lanlink.tcl node.tcl program.tcl traffic.tcl
testsuite/tests/db1 test
Added files:
Make the new parser live on mini. New parser ssh'es over to ops to
do the actual parse, as the user. The parser now spits out XML instead of
DB queries, and the wrapper on boss converts that to DB insertions after
verification, using the new xmlconvert script. There are some makefile
changes as well to install the new parser on ops via NFS, since
otherwise the parser could intolerably out of date on ops!
stoller 2003/06/26 15:30:02 MDT
Modified files:
Added files:
New script. Convert experiment to "well formed" XML, and back again.
The conversion from XML to an experiment representation updates the
DB, although the experiment has to exist, and only certain fields can
be updated. For the rest of the virtual toplogy, the old toplogy is
deleted, and the new one installed. Use with caution. This is intended
to be hooked to the parser, and later to the vis tool so that it does
not need to have to do its own NS parsing, but can simply interpret the
stoller 2003/05/1 09:09:12 MDT
Modified files:
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