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......@@ -15,13 +15,17 @@ first does the following:
The above steps are not specific to the testbed. Starting with the execution
of the downloaded boot program, a testbed specific protocol takes over:
4. The PXE-loaded boot program (pxeboot from the OSKit) speaks a custom hack
UDP protocol ("defined" in oskit/boot/bootwhat.h) with yet another server.
4. The PXE-loaded boot program (pxeboot, a client built atop the FreeBSD
standalone boot environment) speaks a custom hack UDP protocol
("defined" in bootwhat.h) with yet another server.
5. This server (bootinfo* in this directory) is responsible for determining,
in a testbed-specific way, what action should be performed by the client.
This action is either boot from a specific partition on the hard disk
or download (via TFTP) a particular multiboot OSKit kernel (e.g., netboot)
Bootinfo has a variety of backends, tracing the evolutionary path of
where it got its info from. Currently we use the mysql backend which
talks to our DB.
6. Finally, pxeboot transfers control either to the first-level boot code
in the indicated hard disk partition or to the OSKit kernel it has just
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