Commit 6d05c2ef authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson
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Add virt_blobs table, table_regex stuff; change the blobs table in support.

parent b5bbc2b4
# Add a bunch of tables for client service control. Add a bunch of initial
# state for the client_services table -- these are the services and points
# at which they can be controlled in our current codebase.
# Add a virt_blobs table that allows for per-experiment, dynamic blob
# creation/deletion. Add some metadata to the blobs table to facilitate that.
use strict;
use libdb;
sub DoUpdate($$$)
my ($dbhandle, $dbname, $version) = @_;
if (!DBTableExists("virt_blobs")) {
DBQueryFatal("CREATE TABLE `virt_blobs` (".
" `pid` varchar(12) NOT NULL default '',".
" `eid` varchar(32) NOT NULL default '',".
" `exptidx` int(11) NOT NULL default '0',".
" `vblob_id` varchar(40) NOT NULL default '',".
" `filename` tinytext,".
" PRIMARY KEY (`exptidx`,`vblob_id`)".
if (!DBSlotExists("blobs","vblob_id")) {
DBQueryFatal("alter table blobs add ".
"varchar(40) NOT NULL default '' after `owner_uid`");
if (!DBSlotExists("blobs","exptidx")) {
DBQueryFatal("alter table blobs add ".
"int(11) NOT NULL default '0' after `vblob_id`");
# now the fill stuff
DBQueryFatal("REPLACE INTO table_regex VALUES ('virt_blobs','filename',".
" 'text','redirect','default:tinytext',0,256,NULL)");
DBQueryFatal("REPLACE INTO table_regex VALUES ('virt_blobs','vblob_id',".
" 'text','regex','^[-\\d\\w]+\$',0,40,NULL)");
return 0;
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