Commit 6cbdae61 authored by Christopher Alfeld's avatar Christopher Alfeld
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Check for not enough resources didn't always work in the case of

LANs.  Was counting LANs as pc's...
parent dd39aeca
......@@ -434,7 +434,9 @@ while (<PTOP>) {
$num_sshelves = $#t+1;
@t = keys(%nodes);
# Counting delay nodes as 1 when rwe really only need them as 1/2. So..
$num_pcs = $#t+1 - int($delayindex/2);
# Also need to remove LANs from count.
@lant = keys(%lans);
$num_pcs = $#t+1 - int($delayindex/2) - ($#lant + 1);
if ($num_pcs > $avail_pcs) {
print STDERR "Insufficient PCs to do mapping. Have $avail_pcs; need $num_pcs.\n";
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