Commit 6ca8878b authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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stoller 2004/03/09 10:43:54 MST
Modified files:
sql database-fill.sql
www beginexp_xml.php3
Clean up of the web to batchexp interface:
* Add proper check_slot() calls to all of the user input that is going into
the DB (already had taint checking), since batchexp is now available for
interactive use from ops.
* Remove separate DB insertions of noswap/noidleswap reasons from web
script, and pass on the command line from web to batchexp. Now inserted
in the backend script so that they can be provided on the command line
when batchexp is used interactively.
* Change defaults in backend script; experiments now default to swappable
and idleswap; previously defaulted to not swappable and no idleswap.
* Remove [-s] (swappable) and add [-S <reason>] option. -S sets experiment to
not swappable, with supplied reason (text string).
* Add [-L <reason>] option. -L sets experiment to no idleswap, with
supplied reason (text string).
* Add several missing table_regex entries for experiments table.
Revision Changes Path
1.66 +5 -0 testbed/sql/database-fill.sql
1.47 +67 -34 testbed/tbsetup/
1.8 +7 -20 testbed/www/beginexp_xml.php3
kwebb 2004/03/03 18:41:33 MST
Modified files:
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