Commit 6c5a053a authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci
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Only apply procurve1 hack at Utah

This hack now only applies if TBMAINSITE is set to avoid problems
with other sites that might have a switch with the same name. Added
a little more commenting to jog my memory when I forget why we did
this 2 years down the line.
parent e5cecc22
......@@ -1654,9 +1654,11 @@ sub print_switch
push @$interfaces, "(null)";
# XXX - local hack for Utah - don't allow our 'hub' switch to be host for
# LAN nodes, which encourages the placement of all LAN members on the same
# switch
my $types = ["switch:1"];
if ($name ne "procurve1") {
if (defined($MAINSITE) && $MAINSITE && $name ne "procurve1") {
push(@$types, "*lan:*");
print_node($name, $types, [], [], $uuid, $interfaces,
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