Commit 6be075a1 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Bug fix to blockmode.

parent 04a17d6e
......@@ -2841,17 +2841,21 @@ sub doReserveVlanTags($$@) {
if (!$opt{'blockmode'});
elsif (!$opt{'blockmode'}) {
# In block mode (multiple tags) do not signal an error on failure.
# Caller will figure it out.
print STDERR "Could not pre-reserve tag for $vlan\n";
goto again
if (@tags);
# No more tags to try. In blockmode that is fine, the caller will
# figure it out by looking to see which tags are reserved. But
# when not in blockmode it is an error if we cannot get one of the
# tags in the list we were given. We get here only when we have run
# out of tags to try.
if (!$opt{'blockmode'}) {
print STDERR "Could not pre-reserve a tag for $vlan\n";
goto again
if (@tags);
if ($errors) {
foreach my $ref (@assigned) {
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