Commit 6bd7f5f0 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Get rid of the hardwired timeout for a master server response.

It is now tied to the server response timeout (-T). This means that
by default we will now wait forever for the master server to respond,
but that is okay, we got nuthin else to do anyway!
parent 53c2987f
......@@ -481,8 +481,18 @@ main(int argc, char **argv)
struct in_addr pif;
GetReply reply;
int method = askonly ? MS_METHOD_ANY : xfermethods;
int timo = 10; /* XXX */
int host = 0;
int timo;
* XXX we could have a distinct timeout for the master
* server, but we just use the server response timeout
* instead since the master server and the image server
* are probably the same. This does mean that by default
* we will wait forever for a response here, but hey,
* what else do we have to do?
timo = servertimo;
if (proxyfor) {
struct in_addr in;
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