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Documents the additions of the set-link-loss command and loss rate.

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......@@ -45,13 +45,14 @@ START nodes
# <links> is a space separated list of link ids
END nodes
START links
# <link> <src> <srcport> <dst> <dstport> <bandwidth_min> <bandwidth_max> <delay_min> <delay_max>
# <link> <src> <srcport> <dst> <dstport> <bandwidth_min> <bandwidth_max> <delay_min> <delay_max> <loss_rate>
# <link> is a unique link identifier.
# <src> and <dst> are node identifiers (or lans).
# <srcport> and <dstport> are integers. A port of -1 indicates that
# this information is N/A or unknown.
# <bandwidth*> and <delay*> are optional. They specify the boundaries of
# bandwidth and delay.
# <loss_rate> is the rate of loss. If omitted assumed to be 0.
END links
START lans
# <lan> <switch> <links>
......@@ -54,3 +54,7 @@ Node, it all cases <node> can include * and ? as wild cards and
<number> can be a range a-b.
#TB create-os <label> <image_path> <partition>
#TB set-link-loss <src> <dst> <rate>
Set the loss rate of a link.
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