Commit 6b1cacc5 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci
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Fix top file creation for emulated links - I was inadvertantly using

the getbandwidth() call on them (which finds the closest matching
physical interface speed).
parent efe6b3bc
......@@ -3564,9 +3564,16 @@ sub virtlantopbw($$) {
my ($return_bw, $return_rbw);
if (defined($ebw)) {
$return_bw = $ebw;
} else {
# If this is an emulated link, we put in only the reported bandwidth -
# otherwise, we put in the bandwidth of the type of physical interface
# it is likely to get mapped to
if (virtlanemulated($virtlan)) {
$return_bw = $bw;
} else {
$return_bw = &getbandwidth($node, $virtlan, $bw);
if (defined($rebw)) {
$return_rbw = $rebw;
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