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Add some Mike comments.

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......@@ -274,12 +274,23 @@ Some points worth mentioning:
<li> There is no "global" clock; Emulab nodes are kept in sync with
NTP, which does a very good job of keeping all of the clocks
within 0.3ms of each other.
within 1ms of each other.
<li> The times "now" and "+seconds" are relative to the time at which
each event is submitted, not to each other or the start of the
<li> The set of events you can send is currently limited to control of
traffic generators and delay nodes. We expect to add more agents
in the future.
<li> Sending dynamic events that intermix with statically scheduled events
can result in unpredictable behavior if you are not careful.
<li> Currently, the event list is replayed each time the experiment is
swapped in. This is almost certainly not the behaviour people
expect; we plan to change that very soon.
<li> <tt>tevc</tt> does not provide any feedback; if you specify an
object (say, cbr78 or link45) that is not a valid object in your
experiment, the event is silently thrown away. Further, if you
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