Commit 6a6d4952 authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson
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Add patch application to the bootmanager so that it doesn't just assume

eth0 for statically configured interfaces.
parent 5951f5f9
......@@ -156,12 +156,19 @@ doService('plc','mount')
# ick! need to patch the bootmanager so that 1) it doesn't ask if we're sure
# before installing, and 2) it doesn't fail the hardware check on slow nodes.
# Also have to patch the bootmanager/ file so that it
# writes the correct ifcfg-ethX file, and does not assume eth0.
if not os.path.exists('/plc/emulab/bootmanager.patch.done'):
print "plabinelab: patching bootmanager"
cwd = os.getcwd()
os.system('patch -p0 < /plc/emulab/bootmanager.patch')
# now do a specific one needed for plab-on-the-exp-net
os.system('patch -p0 < /share/plabplc/files/WriteNetworkConfig.patch')
bpd = open('/plc/emulab/bootmanager.patch.done','w')
......@@ -289,8 +296,6 @@ PLC_BOOTCD_VERSION = '3.3'
PLC_BOOTSTRAP_TARBALL = '/plc/data/var/www/html/boot/PlanetLab-Bootstrap.tar.bz2'
EMULAB_ROOTBALL = '/share/plabplc/files/tbroot.tar.bz2'
print "Emulabifying PlanetLab-Bootstrap tarball..."
cwd = os.getcwd()
if not os.path.exists('/tmp/proot'):
......@@ -305,8 +310,6 @@ os.chdir(cwd)
os.system("sudo rm -rf /tmp/proot")
print "Finished Emulabification."
# 2.
print "plabinelab: restarting plc"
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