Commit 6a699765 authored by Mac Newbold's avatar Mac Newbold
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Fixed for new OSID stuff...

parent 4d4a1e50
......@@ -228,11 +228,6 @@ if (! ( ((keys %UDP)>0) && ((keys %NULL)>0) &&
print STDERR "Adding traffic generation commands to '$tbcmdsname'...\n";
print TBCMDS "tb-create-os SEND x86/send mb\n";
print TBCMDS "tb-create-os CONSUME x86/consume mb\n";
print "tb-create-os SEND x86/send mb\n" if $debug;
print "tb-create-os CONSUME x86/consume mb\n" if $debug;
my @senders = ();
my @consumers = ();
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