Commit 6a4141fa authored by Christopher Alfeld's avatar Christopher Alfeld

Previous version had part of the code for resetting vlans and part of it

commented out.  The commented out part is now incorrect anyway and the
uncommented part didn't do anything.  It's all gone now.

See tbend.tcl for the correct/up-to-date way to call resetvlans if it's
needed again in tbrun.
parent 10fef732
......@@ -39,7 +39,6 @@ if {[file exists $scriptdir/ns2ir]} {
set snmpit "$scriptdir/snmpit"
set resetvlans "$updir/switch_tools/intel510/resetvlans.tcl"
set libir "$scriptdir/ir/libir.tcl"
set ir2ifc "$scriptdir/ir2ifc"
set ifcboot "$scriptdir/ifc_setup"
......@@ -89,18 +88,6 @@ if {! [file exists $irFile]} {
outs "Beginning Testbed run for $irFile. [clock format [clock seconds]]"
outs "Resetting VLANs"
ir read $irFile
set nodemap [ir get /virtual/nodes]
set machines {}
foreach pair $nodemap {
lappend machines [lindex $pair 1]
#if {[catch "exec $resetvlans $machines >@ $logFp 2>@ $logFp" err]} {
# outs stderr "Error running $resetvlans. ($err)"
# exit 1
outs "Setting up VLANs"
if {[catch "exec $snmpit -debug -u -f $irFile >@ $logFp 2> $tmpio" err]} {
readfifo $tmpioFP "SNMPIT: "
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