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Updated tb-create-os section.

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......@@ -266,21 +266,27 @@ tb-set-dnard-os $shelf1 1 MY-SHARK-OS
tb-create-os <i>id</i> <i>path</i> <i>partition</i>
XXX Need examples
tb-create-os MYKERNEL pingreply mb
tb-create-os MYKERNEL image.ndz 4
<dt><i>id</i> - The ID for the OS.
<dt><i>path</i> - XXX
<dt><i>partition</i> - XXX
<dt><i>path</i> - The path, relative to your project directory, to
the OS or disk image.
<dt><i>partition</i> - Either 4 to install onto DOS slice 4, or
<code>mb</code> to boot an OSKIT kernel.
<li>XXX - Need responce from Leigh to finish this section.
<li>This command is not fully supported yet.
<li>This command allows <i>id</i> to be used in other OS commands to
setup nodes with custom OSs.
<li>Currently only two partitions are allowed. 4 refers to DOS
slice 4, and <code>mb</code> is specially used to boot OSKIT
......@@ -373,7 +379,7 @@ support going.
Testbed Operations (</a>
<!-- hhmts start -->
Last modified: Tue Mar 13 12:12:09 MST 2001
Last modified: Tue Mar 13 12:57:29 MST 2001
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