Commit 68bf3e49 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Remove "be patient message" since I had added a redirect and that

message screws up the redirect!

Note: Need to remove the silly "please be patient" messages. I've been
removing those and adding redirects since these messges are never seen
(the page is not drawn until the closing </table> is sent over). I
have a little javascript thing that throws up a be patient box, that
disappears when the page is finished. Need to get that installed some
day. Worked fine on opera and explorer, but on netscape it looked
totally stupid. Netscape, what else is new.
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......@@ -134,13 +134,6 @@ DBQueryFatal("insert into group_membership ".
TBGroupUnixInfo($group_pid, $group_pid, $unix_gid, $unix_name);
echo "<br>
Group '$group_id' in project '$group_pid' is being created!<br><br>
This will take a minute or two. <b>Please</b> do not click the Stop
button during this time. If you do not receive notification within
a reasonable amount of time, please contact $TBMAILADDR.\n";
# Run the script. This will make the group directory, set the perms,
# and do the account stuff for all of the people in the group. This
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