Commit 6891d89f authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Use the image_uuid (not the version uuid) for the webtask communication

to avoid confusion between the different parties; only one imaging
operation is going to be in progress anyway, so there is no benefit to
using version uuid.
parent 888da1ac
......@@ -3788,7 +3788,7 @@ sub DescribeDataset($)
# Is there an active webtask, then we are taking a snapshot, so
# report that info.
my $webtask = WebTask->LookupByObject($image->uuid());
my $webtask = WebTask->LookupByObject($image->image_uuid());
if (defined($webtask)) {
$blob->{'image_size'} = $webtask->imagesize() . "KB";
$blob->{'image_status'} = $webtask->status();
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