Commit 6835a040 authored by David Johnson's avatar David Johnson

Some docs about the flexlab xmlrpc server, how to extend, etc.

parent 62ac3b0b is designed to provide a simple remote interface to some of the
flexlab data both in the db on ops, and in the datapository. At the current
time of writing, it is built atop some extensions to Python's XMLRPC serving
functionality. Currently it provides only the functionality of the goodnodes
script, but this could change if we want to make more data and queries
available to other interested parties.
There are two primary components. The FlexlabDataServer class is essentially a
wrapper around the ops database, and stores the most recent latency/bw
measurements for all nodes. This cache is updated every minute, and is useful
in a number of queries. It was intended to also wrap the datapository, but
this wasn't important in the initial implementation.
The flexlab class exposes the RPC functions. Any "public" method (in python,
anything not starting with an underscore) is exported into an XMLRPC server by
some extensions to the simple xmlrpc python libs that I wrote, and can be
accessed by an XMLRPC call to "flexlab.<method>" (i.e.,
"flexlab.getFullyConnectedSet"). Documentation for each method is intended to
be online, and can be accessed by an XMLRPC call to
"system.methodHelp('<method>')" (i.e.,
"system.methodHelp('flexlab.getFullyConnectedSet')"). Available methods can be
listed by a call to "system.listMethods".
If you want to add more functionality to the xmlrpc server, just add a public
method and some documentation to the flexlab class, or create your own class
and register it in the server wrapper at the bottom of .
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