Commit 66e4490a authored by Mac Newbold's avatar Mac Newbold
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Added some missing stuff, took out broken stuff that is going to get replaced soon

parent 7bf0bbe9
......@@ -18,29 +18,33 @@ install: all
install -c discvr/cli /usr/testbed/bin
install -c discvr/serv /usr/testbed/bin
install -c os/gethostkey.tcl /usr/testbed/bin/gethostkey
install -c os/hostkey.tcl /usr/testbed/bin/hostkey
install -c os/instimage.exp /usr/testbed/bin/instimage
install -c os/key7 /usr/testbed/bin
install -c os/key8 /usr/testbed/bin
install -c os/oslist.tcl /usr/testbed/bin/oslist
install -c os/osnode2db.tcl /usr/testbed/bin/osnode2db
install -c os/osnodestatus.tcl /usr/testbed/bin/osnodestatus
install -c os/ossane.tcl /usr/testbed/bin/ossane
install -c os/osset.tcl /usr/testbed/bin/osset
install -c os/osstatus.tcl /usr/testbed/bin/osstatus
install -c os/ /usr/testbed/bin/setupmachine
install -c os/imagezip/imagezip /usr/testbed/bin/imagezip
# XXXThese don't work anymore
#install -c os/gethostkey.tcl /usr/testbed/bin/gethostkey
#install -c os/hostkey.tcl /usr/testbed/bin/hostkey
#install -c os/instimage.exp /usr/testbed/bin/instimage
#install -c os/key7 /usr/testbed/bin
#install -c os/key8 /usr/testbed/bin
#install -c os/oslist.tcl /usr/testbed/bin/oslist
#install -c os/osnode2db.tcl /usr/testbed/bin/osnode2db
#install -c os/osnodestatus.tcl /usr/testbed/bin/osnodestatus
#install -c os/ossane.tcl /usr/testbed/bin/ossane
#install -c os/osset.tcl /usr/testbed/bin/osset
#install -c os/osstatus.tcl /usr/testbed/bin/osstatus
#install -c os/ /usr/testbed/bin/setupmachine
#install -c os/imagezip/imagezip /usr/testbed/bin/imagezip
install -c os/oslib.tcl /usr/testbed/bin
install -c tbsetup/exp_accts /usr/testbed/bin
install -c tbsetup/mkacct /usr/testbed/bin
install -c tbsetup/rmacct /usr/testbed/bin
install -c tbsetup/genptop /usr/testbed/bin
install -c tbsetup/delay_setup /usr/testbed/bin
install -c tbsetup/ifc_setup /usr/testbed/bin
install -c tbsetup/ifc_filegen /usr/testbed/bin
install -c tbsetup/ir2ifc /usr/testbed/bin
install -c tbsetup/power /usr/testbed/bin
install -c tbsetup/resetvlans.tcl /usr/testbed/bin
install -c tbsetup/resetvlans.tcl /usr/testbed/bin/resetvlans
install -c tbsetup/savevlans /usr/testbed/bin
install -c tbsetup/snmpit /usr/testbed/bin
install -c tbsetup/tbend.tcl /usr/testbed/bin/tbend
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