Commit 66781988 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Include the experiment name in all outputs.

parent f2381b07
...@@ -373,15 +373,15 @@ sub reportevents($) ...@@ -373,15 +373,15 @@ sub reportevents($)
push(@mailbody, push(@mailbody,
"Thresholds: $MAX_PPS pkts/sec, $mbps Mbits/sec\n"); "Thresholds: $MAX_PPS pkts/sec, $mbps Mbits/sec\n");
push(@mailbody, push(@mailbody,
sprintf("%10s %14s %14s %s", sprintf("%10s %20s %8s %8s %s",
"Node", "Pkts/sec", "Mb/sec", "When")); "Node", "Expt", "Pkts/sec", "Mb/sec", "When"));
} }
my $stamp = POSIX::strftime("20%y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S", my $stamp = POSIX::strftime("20%y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S",
localtime($ref->{'start'})); localtime($ref->{'start'}));
push(@mailbody, push(@mailbody,
sprintf("%10s %14d %14d %s for %d sec", sprintf("%10s %20s %8d %8d %s for %d sec",
$node, $pps, int($bps/1000000), $node, $pcs{$node}{'exp'}, $pps,
$stamp, $secs)); int($bps/1000000), $stamp, $secs));
} }
} }
$rates{$node}{'pkts'} = 0; $rates{$node}{'pkts'} = 0;
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