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A TODO file listing what needs to be done to the sharks in order to make them

functional. Should be updated when any of the things on the list gets done.
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Here's what needs to be done in order to get the sharks working:
* Get our new ranges of IP adresses working
* Run crossover cables from the 2nd 100Mbps port on the Asante switches to
control router. One way to do this would be to use cables leftover from
elsewhere in the testbed, cut one end off, and crimp a new end on. Or, we
could get some real bulk cable and do both ends ourselves. Or, we could buy
them from someone.
* Create a new private VLAN to contain the sharks.
* Do DHCP forwarding from this new VLAN to paper. This seems to be called
the 'UDP Helper Address' by Cisco. Docs (probably not for the right version
of IOS) can be found at:
* Allow routing from the new VLAN to paper, plastic and the outside world.
This might be a problem - What routing behavior is possible in a private
VLAN? Do we somehow need to make the router interface the promiscous port for
the private VLAN?
* Get tmcc for Sharks. Shouldn't have to be very different from the FreeBSD
version, except that it needs to set an alias for the interface, instead of a
'real' IP address. (Or is this on the tmcd side??)
* Look through the NFS images the sharks mount (and their kernel) for
hardcoded IPs, etc. and update them, or (better yet), figure out a way to
generalize if possible
* Come up with some reason to use them (could be the hardest part!!) :)
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