Commit 6539fb71 authored by Mike Hibler's avatar Mike Hibler
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Correctly create the leader account for the initial project in elabinelab.

Since some DB state is pre-loaded during elabinelab setup, the initial
project leader's account was appearing as though it was already setup.
parent 646b64f6
......@@ -285,8 +285,16 @@ if ($MAILMANSUPPORT && !$isnonlocal) {
fatal("$ADDMMLIST -a ${pid}-users failed!");
# Skip if user was already an active user; lots of work avoided.
if (!$wasactive) {
# XXX cannot do this for elabinelab since DB has been pre-loaded with
# state that will make it appear that the initial project leader is active
# when in fact the account has not been created. This is only during
# elabinelab setup and when the swapper is the project leader, so a more
# precise fix is possible.
if ($ELABINELAB || !$wasactive) {
system("$MKACCT $leader_uid") == 0 or
fatal("$MKACCT $leader_uid failed!");
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