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Minor update.

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......@@ -256,6 +256,12 @@ earliest time one of the steps needs to occur.
* Create the emulab-ops/opsnode experiment. Do this the same way
that hwdown is created in setup-db.txt.
Then go to the experiment information page (in red dot mode)
for the emulab-ops/opsnode experiment, and then click on the
"Edit Experiment MetaData". In the "Swapping" Section, make
sure Idle Ignore is checked, and the other three entries
(Swappable, Idle-Swap, Max Duration) are unchecked.
* Make sure your source tree on ops is updated. Then, from that source
tree, run 'install/newclient -o'. (Note: You will probably have to
turn on the 'executable bit' for this script before running it, with
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