Commit 63aaf1d0 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci
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Allow make-cloud to take initial 'global' conditions for all nodes in the

cloud (like make-lan)
parent b36d86ed
......@@ -262,11 +262,15 @@ Simulator instproc make-lan {nodelist bw delay args} {
return $curlan
Simulator instproc make-cloud {nodelist args} {
Simulator instproc make-cloud {nodelist bw delay args} {
$self instvar event_list
$self instvar event_count
set retval [$self make-lan $nodelist 100Mbps 0ms]
if {($args != {})} {
punsup "Arguments for make-cloud: $args"
set retval [$self make-lan $nodelist $bw $delay]
$retval set iscloud 1
$retval mustdelay
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