Commit 62dd6e4f authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

Minor format tweaks. Add hidden error for when no clusters will work.

parent 4a736167
......@@ -281,7 +281,7 @@ function SPITFORM($formfields, $newuser, $errors)
echo "<div class='$class'>\n";
echo " $html\n";
if ($errors && array_key_exists($field, $errors)) {
echo "<label class='control-label' for='$field'>" .
echo "<label class='control-label small' for='$field'>" .
$errors[$field] . "</label>\n";
echo "</div>\n";
......@@ -441,7 +441,7 @@ function SPITFORM($formfields, $newuser, $errors)
<span id='selected_profile_text'>
if ($errors && array_key_exists("profile", $errors)) {
echo "<label class='control-label' for='inputError'>" .
echo "<label class='control-label small' for='inputError'>" .
$errors["profile"] .
" </label>\n";
......@@ -522,7 +522,8 @@ function SPITFORM($formfields, $newuser, $errors)
value='" . $formfields["name"] . "'>\n";
if ($errors && array_key_exists("name", $errors)) {
echo " <label class='control-label'>". $errors["name"] . "</label>";
echo " <label class='control-label small' for='experiment_name'>".
$errors["name"] . "</label>";
echo " </div>
......@@ -549,7 +550,7 @@ function SPITFORM($formfields, $newuser, $errors)
"<option $selected value='$pid'>$pid</option>\n";
$html =
"<div class='form-horizontal experiment_option' id='profile_selector'><div class='form-group'>
"<div class='form-horizontal experiment_option' id='project_selector'><div class='form-group'>
<label class='col-sm-4 control-label'
style='text-align: right;'>Project:</label>
<div class='col-sm-6'>
......@@ -581,11 +582,13 @@ function SPITFORM($formfields, $newuser, $errors)
<div class='col-sm-6'>
<select name=\"formfields[where]\"
id='profile_where' class='form-control'>
<option value=''>Please Select</option>
<div class='col-sm-10 col-sm-offset-1'
style='text-align: center'>
<div class='alert alert-warning' id='where-warning' style='display: none; margin-bottom: 5px'>This profile only works on some clusters. Incompatible clusters are unselectable.</div>
<div class='alert alert-danger' id='where-nowhere' style='display: none; margin-bottom: 5px'>This profile <b>will not work on any clusters</b>. All clusters are unselectable.</div>
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