Commit 62d32728 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Remove debugging code.

parent 34936626
......@@ -404,22 +404,16 @@ sub SetLinkType($$)
return -1
if (IsVersion0($link));
print STDERR "SetLinkType: 1\n";
my @types = FindNodes("n:link_type", $link)->get_nodelist();
foreach my $type (@types) {
print STDERR "SetLinkType: 2\n";
return 0
if (!defined($newtype));
print STDERR "SetLinkType: 3\n";
my $type = AddElement("link_type", $link);
return -1
if (!defined($type));
print STDERR "SetLinkType: 4\n";
SetText("name", $type, $newtype);
return 0;
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