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Last-minute tweaks to error ranges (wider latency tolerance due to occasional...

Last-minute tweaks to error ranges (wider latency tolerance due to occasional errors when running at low bandwidth, plus wider Pathrate tolerance to avoid false positives while waiting for tuning data).
Added more info when aborting
Added more time to prevent a race condition between collector startup and test during the loss and bandwidth tests.
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......@@ -33,8 +33,8 @@ use constant LIMIT_BW_LOSS => 0;
# A hack to make sure that we don't get bogged down in being too
# accurate! Make sure the
# error is a certain significance before we start reporting it.
use constant INSIGNIFICANT_LAT_ERROR => 0.25; # ms
use constant INSIGNIFICANT_BW_ERROR => 0.25; # mb
use constant INSIGNIFICANT_LAT_ERROR => 0.40; # ms (quite wide)
use constant INSIGNIFICANT_BW_ERROR => 1.00; # mb (quite wide)
# latency must be corrected for xmit delay under this speed.
use constant LAT_LOW_BW => 10000000;
......@@ -802,6 +802,9 @@ sub init {
if(&dotest(TEST_LOSS) || &dotest(TEST_BW)) {
sleep(1); # give collectors time to start up (potential race)
# synserver host reads the ns file early to get the node count.
# not using ready count, in practice sometimes didn't get a ready
......@@ -28,8 +28,8 @@ if (! $EUID) {
# signal handler in case the process is killed.
$SIG{INT} = sub {
print "Aborted. Linktest continues on nodes.\n";
print "Aborted. Linktest continues on nodes.\nErrors so far:\n";
exit &analyze;
my $server;
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