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Tell people to build from sources for now instead of using a binary tarball.

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<h3><a name="intro"></a>Introduction</h3>
We have wrapped HyperViewer in a wxGlade Python graphical user
interface, and connected it to the Emulab database via XML-RPC to read
This is a client program which runs on your computer, and shows a 3D
view of the
topologies for Emulab experiments.&nbsp; In detail, we have wrapped the
HyperViewer in a wxGlade Python graphical user
interface, and connected it to the Emulab database via XML-RPC over SSH.<br>
The <a href="">HyperViewer</a>
software was developed by Tamara Munzner at Stanford.&nbsp; It is
software was developed by <a
href="">Tamara Munzner at
Stanford</a>.&nbsp; It is
useful for
visualizing relationships within large graphs such as network
topologies, and is freely distributed as a <a
......@@ -50,44 +54,70 @@ tilings</a>.<br>
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 106px; height: 106px;" alt=""
title="Click for full-size image" src="LW436-thumb.jpg"></a><br>
<h3><a name="install"></a>Installing hypview</h3>
Getting and unpacking the tarball:<br>
Getting and unpacking the binary tarball:<br>
<li>It's in ~fish/flux/testbed/hyperviewer/hyperviewer.tgz on BAS for
<li>Note: There are .so compatibility problems with .so shared
libraries used by wxPython, which we are working on.&nbsp; Meanwhile,
as this is Very Alpha Software now, your best bet is to jump to the
next section on building from sources.<br>
<li>The binary tarball is in
~fish/flux/testbed/hyperviewer/hyperviewer.tgz on BAS for
<li>There is a top-level hyperviewer directory in the tarball, so
just unpack with:<br>
<div style="margin-left: 80px;">
<pre><big>tar xvzf ~fish/flux/testbed/hyperviewer/hyperviewer.tgz</big><br></pre>
<pre><big>tar xvzf ~fish/flux/testbed/hyperviewer/hyperviewer.tgz<br><br></big></pre>
Building from sources - This avoids shared library compatibility
problems, but requires that you have wxPython and its dependencies
installed on your machine first.<br>
<li>To build the hypviewer C++ library and the that is loaded
into Python:</li>
<pre style="margin-left: 80px;"><big>cd testbed/hyperviewer<br>gmake -f GNUMakefile</big></pre>
the ROADMAP file if you want to know more about internals.</li>
There are a couple of example files included:
<li>There are a couple of example files included:</li>
<div style="margin-left: 80px;">
<pre><big>cd hyperviewer<br>./ BigLan.hyp</big>
<pre><big>cd testbed/hyperviewer<br>./ BigLan.hyp</big><big><br>./ ts600.hyp</big>
Supported platforms:<br>
<li>FreeBSD - The first target.<br>
<li>Run it on the old machines and ignore the Radeon text bug for
<li>Building it on the new machines has revealed a bug:
glPolygonOffsetEXT is missing.</li>
<li>If you want to rebuild, checkout testbed/hyperviewer and see
the ROADMAP.</li>
<li>There is a bug in the Radeon DRI driver which "tatters" bitmap
<li>There are different problems in the nVidia drivers.</li>
<li>Turning off hardware acceleration of OpenGL rendering is ugly
but works.</li>
<pre style="margin-left: 80px;"><big>cvs co testbed/hyperviewer</big><big><br>cd testbed/hyperviewer<br>gmake -f GNUMakefile</big></pre>
<li>Linux and Windows as needed later.<br>
<li>Linux - Pretty much untested.</li>
<li>Edit the GNUMakefile to select CPU=linux before building,</li>
<li>and also select the include of Makefile.linuxglut in
hypviewer/Makefile.main .<br>
<li>Windows - Coming soon.</li>
<li>Please send problem reports to <a href="">Russ
Package dependencies: <br>
<div style="margin-left: 40px;">It needs wxPython, gtk, glX,
OpenGL...&nbsp; and wxGlade on top if you want to modify the GUI.<br>
OpenGL...; and wxGlade on top if you want to modify the GUI.<br>
<h3><a name="run"></a>Running hypview as a script<br>
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