Commit 60e1a16c authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller
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Remove group lock files, which appear to get left around somehow.

parent 4b957b2e
......@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ my $TMPASSWD = "/etc/rc.d/testbed/passwd";
my $TMSHADOW = "/etc/rc.d/testbed/shadow";
my $TMGSHADOW = "/etc/rc.d/testbed/gshadow";
my @LOCKFILES = ("/etc/group.lock", "/etc/gshadow.lock");
my $REBOOTCMD = "reboot";
my $STATCMD = "status";
my $IFCCMD = "ifconfig";
......@@ -186,6 +187,7 @@ close(TM);
sub cleanup_node () {
print STDOUT "Cleaning node; removing configuration files ...\n";
unlink @CONFIGS;
unlink @LOCKFILES;
printf STDOUT "Resetting passwd and group files\n";
if (system("$CP -f $TMGROUP $TMPASSWD /etc") != 0) {
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