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Add a detailed outline of features.

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......@@ -9,9 +9,26 @@ His service taxonomy:
Slice == Experiment Portal
Create expt/slice
Resource Discovery [w/ Monitoring Service]
Uses info from monitoring service
Monitoring service:
Node liveness, node resource availability (cpu/mem via loadavg, disk),
e2e health, pair-wise paths.
Resource Allocation
Uses info from monitoring service
Three ways, can be mixed
fixed, site/node-centric (w/ types), link-centric [works? no tunnels?]
port space (ssh; extend)
Can mix with Emulab nodes (works?)
*Admission control and optional queuing (queuing and retry service)
Boot Slice [w/ Environment Service]
Node/slice management (``environment service'')
Node initialization
Emulab state, per-user state
Startup command
Maintain expt/slice
Software Upgrades [w/ Environment Service]
Monitor Health [w/ Monitoring Service]
......@@ -21,6 +38,15 @@ Slice == Experiment Portal
*Naming service
Virtual (DNS) or physical
*Admin management service/interface
Resource alloc params
Admission control parameters
Queue retry params
* = Not in llp's taxonomy; Elab-only
As of 10/03 Plab people were developing these; did not have anything:
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