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Update README to include item about what frisbee won't do to dampen the

enthusiasm of those who want to replace expensive commercial solutions
(and so I don't have to tell people over and over...)
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......@@ -17,18 +17,11 @@ features that were not in 0.3:
- support for extended partitions in imagezip.
This tarball also includes source for "growdisk", a program run post-Frisbee
on our machines to extend partitions, and the FreeBSD startup script (in the
misc subdir) we use to invoke Frisbee.
on our machines to extend DOS partitions (not filesystems!), and the FreeBSD
startup script (in the misc subdir) we use to invoke Frisbee.
The rest of this file is the standard release README ...
Frisbee README version 0.3 of Wed Jul 1 13:42:19 MDT 2003.
(This is a possibly out of date copy of:
Check there for the latest.)
This is a preliminary release of the Frisbee[1] disk imaging tool used in
the University of Utah's Emulab testbed cluster and described in the
USENIX '03 paper (a copy of which should be in the doc subdirectory).
......@@ -47,6 +40,20 @@ It also includes the associated image creation tool.
current contents of said disk (partition). Do not use Frisbee or
any tool to install an image unless you really mean it.
1a. Is there anything that Frisbee cannot do?
Frisbee is not a drop-in replacement for commercial imaging
solutions. For one thing, there is no Spiff-Ass GUI that even
a grandma could drive. We're talking command lines here.
It also doesn't grow or shrink filesystems to fit the target
disk. If you plop down a 1.4MB DOS filesystem image on your
spankin' 250GB hard disk, you wind up with a 1.4MB DOS filesystem
and a lotta wasted space. Finally, Frisbee won't do post-disk-load
customizations, such as installing unique system IDs or IP addresses.
If you image a disk with a hardwired identity of
and distribute it to 100 other machines, you'll wind up with 100
identical copies, and what good is that?
2. What all is included in the box?
The Frisbee client and server are in the frisbee subdirectory.
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