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An initial transfer of stuff from the June 2005 NeTS-ProWiN annual report

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<h2>GNU Radio and USRP Users</h2>
Classes using GNU Radio and/or the USRP
<!-- Eric thinks that this content should go into the SDR Wiki. -->
<li>Under Construction
&mdash; Software Defined Radios</a>.</b> This course was offered in
spring&nbsp;2005 by the University of Colorado Department of Computer
Science. <em>Contact: <a href="">Tim
Brown</a>, <a href="">Dirk Grunwald</a>,
and <a href="">Douglas
Researchers using GNU Radio and/or the USRP
<em>Under construction.</em>
<li>Under Construction
<li><b>Scanner applications</b>
<li>Present interface similar to off-the-shelf scanner radios</li>
<li>Handle multiple modulation systems, search for signals</li>
<li><b>Amateur radio two-way contacts:</b> SSB, NBFM, and PSK31</li>
<li><b>Digital data two-way contacts:</b> GMSK, FSK</li>
<li><b>Radio astronomy:</b> spectrometry and interferometry</li>
<li><b>Custom test equipment</b>
<li>Spectrum analysis</li>
<li>Data capture/analysis from new types of aerodynamic sensors
(by Notre Dame)</li>
<li><b>TCP/IP over radio</b> using TAP and TUN devices (by UIUC)</li>
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