Commit 5ff77c65 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Change RenewSlice() to return the new slice credential if it succeeds.

parent a0eb0d9f
......@@ -927,6 +927,12 @@ sub RenewSlice($)
return GeniResponse->Create( GENIRESPONSE_FORBIDDEN, undef,
"Insufficient privilege" );
my $this_user = GeniUser->Lookup($credential->owner_uuid(), 1);
if (!defined($this_user)) {
return GeniResponse->Create(GENIRESPONSE_FORBIDDEN,
undef, "Who are you?");
# Figure out new expiration time; this is the time at which we can
# idleswap the slice out.
......@@ -962,9 +968,21 @@ sub RenewSlice($)
goto bad;
# Return a credential for the slice.
my $slice_credential =
if (!defined($slice_credential)) {
$message = "Could not create new slice credential";
goto bad;
return GeniResponse->Create(GENIRESPONSE_SUCCESS);
return GeniResponse->Create(GENIRESPONSE_SUCCESS,
return GeniResponse->Create(GENIRESPONSE_ERROR, undef, $message);
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