Commit 5fb814ea authored by Srikanth Chikkulapelly's avatar Srikanth Chikkulapelly
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It updates the sitevar protogeni/max_ticket_lifetime.

parent 7e451a72
# This file intentionally does nothing. Leave it be.
use strict;
use libdb;
sub DoUpdate($$$)
my ($dbhandle, $dbname, $version) = @_;
# updating the sitevar name and description to make it
# more meaningful.
DBQueryFatal("update sitevariables set name = " .
"'protogeni/max_sliver_lifetime', description = " .
"'The maximum sliver lifetime. When set limits the lifetime of a " .
"sliver.' where name = 'protogeni/max_ticket_lifetime'");
return 0;
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