Commit 5eac12e2 authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci
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A bit of a hack - assume that PC NICs are connected to switch ports

of the same speed. This is obviously not right, but I think it's
better than the old hack, which was that we assume switch ports are

Some stuff Chris is working on should remove the need for this hack
because we will start keeping track of the speeds of switch ports.
parent 8c92e610
......@@ -446,10 +446,19 @@ while (($node1,$card1,$port1,$node2,$card2,$port2) =
$iface2 = get_iface($node2,$card2,$port2);
$iface1bw = get_ifacebw($node1,$card1,$port1);
$iface2bw = get_ifacebw($node2,$card2,$port2);
if ($iface1bw < $iface2bw) {
# XXX - This is a bad, bad hack - we use our knowledge that in the
# wires table links to the switch always come as node2. We also assume
# that node interfaces are plugged into switch ports of the same speed.
# Chris has something better on the way (storing the speed on the
# switch side), so this is just a temp. hack.
if (!defined($switches{$node1}) && defined($switches{$node2})) {
$bw = $iface1bw;
} else {
$bw = $iface2bw;
if ($iface1bw < $iface2bw) {
$bw = $iface1bw;
} else {
$bw = $iface2bw;
if (defined($switches{$node2})) {
$used_switches{$node2} = 1;
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