Commit 5d6c7af9 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Temporary work around to prevent the AM from replacing the authority

records, with a null URL. Needs more thought, see comment in the code.
parent f43c4578
......@@ -137,12 +137,30 @@ sub auto_add_sa($)
print STDERR "auto_add_sa: certificate does not have a URI extension";
# CheckExisting does not appear to do what I expect, but for now,
# follow the example set by protogeni/scripts/addauthority.
if (GeniAuthority->CheckExisting($certificate, "sa")) {
print STDERR "auto_add_sa: sa is already registered in the DB\n";
my $urn = $certificate->urn();
if (!defined($urn)) {
print STDERR "auto_add_sa: certificate does not have a URN extension";
# Look to see if already registered.
my $authority = GeniAuthority->Lookup($urn);
if (defined($authority)) {
# See if the certificate has changed. If so we want to replace it.
if ($certificate->SameCert($authority->GetCertificate()));
# Do nothing; needs more thought. The problem is that the caller
# could be from a conforming PG authority, and so setting the url
# to undef in the code below is wrong. We should probably probe the
# SA here, to see if it is conforming. Or maybe set the URL and not
# worry of the sliver registration throws an error.
# if we're auto adding an authority, set the url to null
# so the PG/Emulab machinery does not try to contact the
# dynamic sa. It probably won't respond to the PG/Emulab
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