Commit 5ceed4c0 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller
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Minor tweak.

parent 0bd2fec0
......@@ -751,8 +751,8 @@ if ($showlinks) {
foreach my $link (sort keys %links) {
my ($node1, $node2) = @{$links{$link}};
my ($virt1,$pname1,$card1) = @$node1;
my ($virt2,$pname2,$card2) = @$node2;
my ($virt1,$pname1) = @$node1;
my ($virt2,$pname2) = @$node2;
my ($wname1, $wname2);
if (!TBWideareaNodeID($pname1,\$wname1)) {
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