Commit 5ca4c6ec authored by Gary Wong's avatar Gary Wong
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Expire slices registered at the CH. Normally the SAs will tell us when

they unregister expired slices, but we can't really rely on that.
parent 4ef69763
......@@ -177,6 +177,30 @@ sub ProbeCMs()
$up . "\n" . $down . "\n" . $disabled . "\n", $TBOPS);
# Look for slices that have expired. In theory this shouldn't be
# necessary, since SAs should tell the CH when they unregister expired
# slices and nobody should care about stale slice entries at the CH
# anyway, but in practice it's helpful to expire stale CH records
# because (a) we don't want to collect junk indefinitely from misbehaving
# SAs and (b) old versions of the SA treated CH registration failure
# as fatal and so wouldn't be able to reuse slice names if a stale
# entry somehow survived at the CH.
sub ExpireSlices()
if( !$impotent ) {
GeniDB::DBQueryWarn("delete from geni_slices ".
"where UNIX_TIMESTAMP(now()) > ".
" UNIX_TIMESTAMP(expires) and ".
" shutdown is null");
# We've only updated the database and not cleaned out the stale
# entries from our cache, but that is about to be flushed anyway
# (see below).
while (1) {
if (NoLogins()) {
......@@ -189,6 +213,7 @@ while (1) {
$probe_countdown -= $SLEEP_INTERVAL;
if ($probe_countdown <= 0) {
$probe_countdown = $PROBE_INTERVAL;
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