Commit 5c59f8cc authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

When updating a sliver (aggregate) call provision on the aggregate

so that they all get done, instead of the just the new slivers. This
is a little extra harmless work, but it is needed cause the mapper
in update mode will reset some of the node state.
parent 0d0caf0c
......@@ -1930,15 +1930,13 @@ sub SliverWork($$)
# Now do the provisioning (note that we actually allocated the
# node above when the ticket was granted). Then add the sliver to
# the aggregate.
# Now do the provisioning. The entire aggregate is provisioned, which
# is extra work, but needed since running the mapper above might have
# changed some important state.
foreach my $sliver (values(%slivers)) {
if (!$impotent && $sliver->Provision() != 0) {
$message = "Could not provision $sliver";
goto bad;
if (!$impotent && $aggregate->Provision() != 0) {
$message = "Could not provision $aggregate";
goto bad;
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