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Doh! Forgot to check in some of the batch mode documentation I did.

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......@@ -981,14 +981,48 @@ regular experiment and a batch mode experiment:
their exit values, the batch system will then tear down the
The batch system may also be used for "queuing" interactive experiments.
By leaving out <tt>tb-set-node-startcmd</tt> commands, an experiment
will be started when enough nodes are available, but then remain active
until you (or the system) swap or terminate it.
By leaving out <tt>tb-set-node-startcmd</tt> commands in the NS file,
an experiment will be started when enough nodes are available,
but then remain active until you (or the system) swap or terminate it.
Existing Batch Mode experiments
(both true batch experiments and queued interactive ones)
may be "stopped" and "queued."
Stopping a Batch Mode experiment has identical semantics to swapping
out a regular experiment, including loss of local node disk state,
and thus is not really a "clean stop."
Queueing a Batch Mode experiment is almost the same as a regular experiment
swapin, the difference being that the swapin may be delayed if insufficient
resources are available at the time of the swapin..
Unfortunately, while Batch Mode makes running experiments much easier,
it also makes wasting resources far easier, e.g., a user queues up an
interactive experiment and then is not around when it finally gets swapped in.
To counter this, the idle swap threshold for a Batch Mode experiment is
typically set lower than that for a regular experiment, usually 15 minutes.
If necessary, this can be changed using the "Edit Experiment Metadata" link
on an experiment's page. The modified value will remain in effect til the
next swapout.
While multiple Batch Mode experiments may be running in Emulab simultaneously,
the current policy is that there can only be one such experiment per-user,
per-project. That is, two users in the same project may run experiments
simultaneously and one user may run simultaneous experiments in different
Finally, note that the rights and responsibilities of a Batch Mode experiment
are conferred at creation time. It is not possible to, for example, swap out
a regular experiment and then swap it back in as a Batch Mode experiment
(i.e., to get delayed swapin semantics). This is unfortunate.
<li> <a NAME="BatchExample"></a>
<h3>A Batch Mode Example</h3>
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