Commit 5c29f710 authored by Leigh B. Stoller's avatar Leigh B. Stoller

Another fix; if the move of the ports back into the control vlan

fails, retry with force option since its likely that the port is
already there. Be nice if there was quick way to ask if a port was in
a vlan.
parent 34b904df
......@@ -164,6 +164,8 @@ sub doFWlans($$$) {
my $fwtakedownstr0 = "$SNMPIT $cnetstack -e $fwport";
my $fwtakedownstr1 = ($portlist eq "" ? "true" :
"$SNMPIT $cnetstack -m $cnetvlanname $pid $eid $portlist");
my $fwtakedownstr1b = ($portlist eq "" ? "true" :
"$SNMPIT -f $cnetstack -m $cnetvlanname $portlist");
my $fwtakedownstr2 = "$SNMPIT $cnetstack -o $fwvlanname $pid $eid";
my $fwtakedownstr3 = "$SNMPIT $cnetstack -U $fwport";
my $fwtakedownstr4 = "$SNMPIT $cnetstack -f -m $cnetvlanname $fwport";
......@@ -256,8 +258,19 @@ sub doFWlans($$$) {
TBDebugTimeStamp("snmpit firewall port deletion");
print "doFW: '$fwtakedownstr1'\n";
if (system($fwtakedownstr1)) {
tberror "Failed to remove nodes from Firewall control net VLAN.\n";
return 1;
# If the exit value is "2" then retry with hidden force option
# since the port was probably already moved, but snmpit has no
# way to verify that. We do know it is out of the old vlan though.
if ($? >> 8 == 2) {
if ($?) {
tberror "Failed to remove nodes from Firewall ".
"control net VLAN.\n";
return 1;
TBDebugTimeStamp("snmpit firewall setup done");
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