Commit 5b2cf1c4 authored by Leigh B Stoller's avatar Leigh B Stoller

When terminating an experiment, it is not an error if the slice is already

gone at the remote cluster.
parent 2ed46ed2
......@@ -1488,8 +1488,8 @@ sub DoRebootOrReload($)
if ($response->code() != GENIRESPONSE_SUCCESS) {
if ($response->code() == GENIRESPONSE_SEARCHFAILED) {
$errmsg = "Slice is gone";
goto bad;
print STDERR "Slice is already gone on $sliver";
goto gone;
if ($response->code() == GENIRESPONSE_BUSY) {
$errmsg = "Experiment is busy; try again later";
......@@ -1498,6 +1498,7 @@ sub DoRebootOrReload($)
$errmsg = $response->output();
goto bad;
# Tell the web interface something is different. Real status will
# come later when the monitor starts up.
if ($webtask->sliverstatus()) {
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