Commit 5a8a8f27 authored by Chad Barb's avatar Chad Barb
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There were two "uninitialized variable used" warnings..
one was due to a check for $type ne "", which I changed to
((defined $type) && ($type ne "")).

The other is due to NULL values in the iface column of the interfaces table.
Rob is going to change the schema to disallow such NULLs.
parent 76578aac
......@@ -192,7 +192,7 @@ $result = DBQueryFatal("SELECT node_id,card,port,iface,interface_type" .
" from interfaces");
while (($node,$card,$port,$iface,$type) = $result->fetchrow_array) {
$interfacemap{"$node:$card:$port"} = $iface;
if ($type ne "") {
if ((defined $type) && ($type ne "")) {
$interfacetypes{"$node:$card:$port"} = $type;
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