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Add an entry about the new files generated by named_setup .

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......@@ -6,6 +6,15 @@ This file is in the same format at the FreeBSD UPDATING file, whis is
to say, in reverse chronological order, with the date of the change
in YYYYMMDD format.
Re-worked the way named_setup handles virtual nodes and unroutable
IP addresses - no point in handling the two differently. Thus, the
'vnodes.<OURDOMAIN>.db' DNS zone file is no longer generated.
Instead, if you have a mix of routable and unroutable IP addresses,
you'll need to switch to using the '<OURDOMAIN>.internal.db' zone
file - see Step 6 of doc/setup.txt for instructions on setting up
this file.
Changed the rc.d script to handle 'start' and 'stop'
arguments properly. Install a fresh copy of rc.d/ into
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