Commit 58844add authored by Robert Ricci's avatar Robert Ricci
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gitmail: don't print patch on branch/tag deletion

Note this only applies to the patch at the bottom. Would be good if
it applied to linecount summary and 'inline' patches, but this was
the quick & trivial one to do.
parent 0a8453f6
......@@ -886,10 +886,12 @@ sub commit_mail($$$\@$@) {
# Grab patches - we do this seperately so that we can put them down
# below the commit logs
# below the commit logs. (Note: we don't print patches when a ref is
# deleted, that doesn't make any sense.)
my @patch_text;
if (defined($include_patches) && $include_patches &&
if ($ct ne $CT_DELETE &&
defined($include_patches) && $include_patches &&
scalar(@$commits) <= $max_patches) {
my $patchcommand = "$GIT show --format='format:commit %H'";
if ($patch_style eq "word") {
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