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Made an initial news item: the SDR Wiki is available.

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<h2>Recent News</h2>
<li>Tell me more, tell me more
<h3>Jun 29 2005: SDR Wiki</h3>
The <a href="">SDR Wiki</a> is
ready to go! We expect the amount of information in the Wiki to grow
rapidly, now that the system is up and running.
In case you don't already know, a Wiki is a Web-based collaboration
environment. The most important difference between a "normal" Web page and a
Wiki page is that <em>you can edit a Wiki page</em>. Wiki helps you write
easy-to-read pages through the use of lightweight markup notations. The
"source code" for a Wiki page looks a lot like normal text instead of clunky
Our Wiki system has a lot of built-in help, pointers to tutorials, and so
on. The <a href="">SDR Wiki</a>
is currently open to the public, so if you have something to say about
software-defined radio, you can start writing today!
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