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Commit 584e300e authored by Russ Fish's avatar Russ Fish

Mention tb-set-node-failure-action for testing custom Windows images.

parent 339646a2
......@@ -851,7 +851,16 @@ depends on <code>prepare</code> being run.
<div style="margin-left: 40px;"> <b>NOTE:</b> Windows XP is too big to
fit in the partitioning scheme used by FreeBSD and Linux, so it's
necessary when making a Windows custom image to specify <b>Partition
1</b>, and click <b>Whole Disk Image.</b> </div>
1</b>, and click <b>Whole Disk Image.</b> </div> <br>
When you're testing your custom image, it's a good idea to set the <a
tb-set-node-failure-action</a> to "nonfatal" in the ns file so you get a
chance to examine an image that hasn't completed the set-up process. See
the <a href="#tb-set-node-failure-action"> note below</a> for other
useful ideas.
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