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Commit 572da456 authored by Timothy Stack's avatar Timothy Stack

Hack loghole to retry any failed rsync's, for example, if an ssh

failed because of an NFS hiccup.  Also added a little activity
parent 26ff11b6
......@@ -222,11 +222,23 @@ Create a directory for each link.
Setup symbolic links to the pcap(3) files retrieved from the delay nodes.
Run the pre-shaped pcap(3) files (e.g. .recv.0) through tcptrace(1) to generate
Run the pre-shaped pcap(3) files (e.g. *.recv.0) through tcptrace(1) to generate
graphs viewable with xplot(1). Note that the processing will only be done for
pcap files that were generated by a SNAPSHOT event sent to the tracemon agent.
The "-s" option is provided to automatically send this event for each agent.
While the download is in progress,
.B loghole
will display some simple statistics. The left-hand side of the display shows
the number of nodes remaining to be synced, in progress, and completed. The
right-hand side shows minimum, average, and maximum amount of time needed to
sync a node. Finally, a "spinner" on the far right is updated when the
currently active rsync log files have grown, which usually happens when more
files are being synced.
If rsync(1) encounters an error while running, it will automatically be rerun
after a short delay.
Optional arguments:
\fB-r\fR, \fB--remote\fR=\fIremotedir
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