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* A simple representation of the physical topology.
* Nodes are simply represented by a number of interfaces.
* The assumption is that all of those interfaces are connected
* to the same switch.
* Note that nodes MUST be stored in their list in order of increasing
* number of interfaces. A good 10-minute project would be to
* create an "addnode" method which does a sorted insert in the
* list, or a sort function.
* This sorting is required by the assignment routine.
class toponode {
int ints;
int used;
int ints; /* Number of ethernet interfaces */
int used; /* Used by assign. Have we assigned here? */
class tbswitch {
......@@ -14,9 +30,9 @@ public:
inline int numnodes();
int nodecount;
toponode *nodes;
char *name;
int nodecount; /* Total number of nodes in the switch */
toponode *nodes; /* Sorted list of the nodes */
char *name; /* Anything you want */
class topology {
......@@ -24,9 +40,16 @@ public:
topology(int nswitches);
void print_topo();
virtual ~topology();
int switchcount;
tbswitch **switches;
int switchcount; // Number of switches in the topology
tbswitch **switches; // Unordered list of the switches
* Parse a simple physical topology description into a topology structure.
* Eventually, this will be replaced by parsing Chris' ptop format
* into the topology structure
topology *parse_phys(char *filename);
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