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Commit old change about program agents.

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......@@ -434,6 +434,12 @@ If you want to schedule starts and stops using dynamic events:
tevc -e testbed/myexp now prog0 start
tevc -e testbed/myexp now prog1 start
tevc -e testbed/myexp +20 prog1 stop</code></pre>
If you want to change the command that is run (override the command
you specified in your NS file), then:
tevc -e testbed/myexp now prog0 start COMMAND='ls >/tmp/foo'</code></pre>
Some points worth mentioning:
......@@ -450,5 +456,7 @@ Some points worth mentioning:
<li> The "stop" command is implemented by sending a SIGTERM to the
process group leader (the csh process). If the SIGTERM fails, a
SIGKILL is sent.
<li> If you override
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